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Make Anxiety Your Edge—Not Your Wound.

Redefine your relationship with anxiety by taking it from negative and debilitative to positive and facilitative – this is why top Execs, Innovators, and Corporations love it. 

What if anxiety is not a burden at all but is a unique gift?

What if that tension we feel is in fact a powerful force of energy that we, the anxious, possess and that other so-called normal people don’t?

What if our anxiety, when channeled in the right way, can give us an edge? What if that edge is our secret to helping us accomplish our greatest dreams, those that most people can’t even conjure? What if that rush of nervous energy we sometimes feel, that adrenaline, is a blessing? What if it’s all supposed to be this way? What if there’s a way to not just survive but to thrive with anxiety?

I believe that there is. And I know it’s possible for anyone, because it worked for me.

With this book, you’re going to understand natural ways to take those nerves and turn them into energy that gives you clarity, creativity, and focus. You’ll learn doable strategies that anyone—yes, that includes you—can start doing right now to transform that anxiety into a positive force.

How much better would that be?

By reading this book, you’ll learn natural lifestyle tips to own what you’re feeling so that you access vibrant, amazing energy and even spread it to others around you.

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“Along with exercise, meditation, and eating right (all of which you’ll find out more about in these pages), reading the right books is one of my top ways to manage anxious feelings that can otherwise stifle a life. Own Your Anxiety is an ultra-positive read giving us hope that each day is a new day that a person who is suffering can cope and lead a healthier life. Julian is a guide that you just want to spend time with. He’s been there, knows how to work through anxiety, and can help you
work through it, too. Read this book!”

Jessica Mulroney

marketing expert, entrepreneur, and fashion contributor for Good Morning America and CityLine

“In an era of social media madness comes a voice of reason, with practical suggestions regarding how to de-stress, refocus, and take control of our lives. Julian provides 99 simple tips to reclaim your body, mind, and
soul, which can help the walking wounded to live, not just exist. This is not a self-help book per se, but rather a thoughtful guide to enable self-reflection and self-awareness, one that is timely and practical.”

Dr. Barry Kosofsky

chief neurologist and Goldsmith Professor of Neuroscience, Weill Cornell Medical Center; chief pediatric neurologist, New York-Presbyterian/Komansky Children’s Hospital

“Wow—what a powerful book. At a time when so many are experiencing existential angst and may at times feel paralyzed by anxiety or other mental health challenges, comes a thoughtful, accessible, and empathetic book that provides a practical road map for building a better life. I would recommend this book to anyone who is working on becoming their better self.”

Julia Christensen Hughes

founding dean, Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph

“Julian lays out digestible techniques to utilize the superpower that is anxiety. He takes a holistic approach in helping the reader befriend the urgency for the greatness anxiety can inspire while offering help to tame the ‘my wheels are spinning so fast, I may lose control’ sensation.”

Connor Carrick

NHL Defenseman

Own Your Anxiety is a sacred resource for anyone working through anxiety in our modern world. Julian offers us a safe space full of enriching inspiration and practical tools to enhance our experience of every single day.”

Elena Brower

bestselling author of Practice You

“As an ER doctor in a trauma center who has seen thousands of patients’ stressful situations, I can attest that Own Your Anxiety places powerful tools to change your relationship with anxiety and stress at your fingertips. Julian has taken on a serious issue with intelligence, artfulness, care, and relatability, and created a work that serves as a vibrant tool chest for those wanting to enrich their inner environments in hard times.”

Dr. Michael McCullough

emergency room doctor, University of California, San Francisco; investor; and founder of BrainMind

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