Men’s COACHING – For Leaders 40+

My students and clients are based all over the world and I offer both in-person coaching sessions as well as video-sessions.

See how my style and strategy lands differently with you and your team. Many of my clients refer to how I help leaders find their inner fire and discipline as “tough love” other, just f*cking effective. Find out for yourself!


Men are being forgotten about. In an era where there are constantly awards, meet-ups, support groups, “circles”, events, and retreats for women (which is great and I fully support), there are not enough opportunities for successful men to come together to be inspired to be better men in a safe and motivating setting alongside other men on the same journey. Imagine bringing the Men on your team together for a transformational experience with a Coach who gets them. My team coaching works wonders and will leave all the guys hungry to start living healthier lives and producing more results.


My premium offering for premium clientele.

Think: Business Class

We’ll set you up for massive success in your physical body and any mental models that need to be shifted in order to achieve the result you want. My 1-1 coaching gets you results fast. Want to lose weight, put on serious muscle, increase your flexibility and change your relationship with vices and habits? This is where we should start. I’ve worked with Execs, Founders, Actors, Producers, Investors; Men who know what it’s like to live in the fast lane. Ready? Let’s talk.


Julian Brass will legit change your life for the best! If you are committed to personal growth and want to live your best life, I HIGHLY recommend Julian Brass.


I have read many books on spirituality and attended many sessions lead by world-famous yogis. Although their talks are interesting, Julian is very effective at relating ancient yoga philosophies to current everyday challenges. I felt confident that Julian would be as honest with me in sharing his feedback, as I was in honestly reflecting on my life.

Julian’s teachings and techniques are highly transferable and offer a great practice to combat anxiety in all its forms. Julian is a great advocate in the anxiety space and brings a valuable message for all to hear!



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