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I have lived through anxiety. I know what it’s like to fall into that pit. I also know how to get out of it—how to emerge better, stronger, and more full of love.
Here’s how I can help:


We all need more direct human connections and fewer downloads.

My in-person seminars, workshops and keynotes offer an entertaining and healing experience for all attendees. I’ve presented to large and small groups, to corporations and to wellness festivals. No matter what size of audience, my goal remains the same: to have everyone leave with actionable tools and new insights so they can immediately begin transforming their anxiety into a more positive, proactive energy.


Why is it that when we grow up, no one teaches us essential life strategies for being our best selves?

What if we could learn to harness our anxiety and use it as positive energy in our careers and relationships? What does it mean to go on an inspiring mental and physical health journey? My greatest joy is teaching groups of people both online and in person. Trust me to take you inside, back to the real you, as we go on a transformational, inspirational and fun journey together.


I can provide your team with individuated coaching to help them own their anxiety.

My sessions recharge and inspire professionals, giving them strategies to help them manage and even harness anxiety at work, at home and in their personal relationships.

Dear anxiety,

You’ve been with me for as long as I remember. I haven’t always understood your value, but I’m starting to see you in a new light.

I truly believe that you are a unique energy and gift to my life. I know I’m not alone in having you by my side. All of us who live with you share an opportunity, though it takes a bit of courage to realize it. Your presence in our lives reminds us that we have things to work through. If we listen intently to your message, we can learn to ease our worries, stresses and losses, and to unlock what you really want us to see and do.

We can harness your beautiful power and take your energy from negative to positive, from debilitating to facilitating. Instead of blocking your voice or running from you, we can listen and hold your loving hand. Once we hear you out, we’ll be moved to change—for the better. As we walk through life together, we’ll be empowered, evolved and elevated.

Anxiety, on behalf of all who you help, I want to thank you. Thank you for being there with us and for us. We are ready to hear you out. We are ready to begin a new, exciting and sacred journey. 

The gift of anxiety is unlocked when it no longer owns us but WHEN WE OWN IT!

My nontraditional life path of going from award-winning entrepreneur to healer, teacher, certified Health Coach and advanced yoga instructor resulted in my development of unconventional philosophies that I have had the honor to share as a keynote speaker and creator of workshops, seminars, and classes for prestigious brands, companies and initiatives both in the US and Canada such as Wanderlust Festival, lululemon, Equinox, Bombas, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Kit & Ace, Microsoft, Princess Margaret Hospital, Womens College Hospital, Schulich MBA, Rotman School of Business, University of Guelph, General Electric and more.



WHAT real people SAY…

Julian is engaging, funny and is able to simplify complex and sometimes uneasy subject matter in a simple and succinct format.  Julian shared his story and experiences as an entrepreneur, which I can certainly relate to. He continues to provide empowering advice, success tips and good vibes.  I’d highly recommend his workshop and cannot wait to read his new book!

Laura De Sanctis

Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Go With Your Gut

I found myself with butterflies in my stomach on my way to a big presentation so I tried some of the tips in the Uber and to my surprise, they relieved my nervousness greatly. I’ve naturally incorporated Julian’s ideas into my daily routine to boost happiness and relieve stress.

Jennifer Love

Partner, Duet Public Relations

The workshop was authentic, easily digestible and gave every member of the team real-world tools to take back to their professional and personal lives. We would recommend Julian to any other company, big or small, as an anxiety expert.

Caroline Yost

People and Culture Manager, Bombas

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