It’s your turn to OWN YOUR ANXIETY.


Don’t just survive. Learn to thrive with anxiety.

By International Bestselling author of Own Your Anxiety and Anxiety Coach, Julian Brass.

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Would you feel better if you had less anxiety? What would life be like if you could easily do the things that usually get you all stressed out and anxious? Just for a moment, imagine that instead of those anxious feelings coming up when: you have an important career decision to make, are about to make a big change in your life, are facing uncertainty all around you, you want to get healthier but don’t know where to start, or you need to make an important relationship decision – you do what you want to do effectively, smoothly, naturally – with ease and grace? 

You’re not alone. So many people want this. But not enough have learned how to get it.

Over 250 million people on the planet struggle with anxiety. It’s the most prevalent mental health disorder in the world. And about one in three of us will experience anxiety at some point in our lives.

Deep down, you know you deserve better. I know you do, too. Let’s do this.

More calm. More peace. More joy.


I’m Julian Brass, and I struggle from thrive with anxiety. And I also have an amazing and fulfilling life, overflowing with all the things that make living incredible. Trust me, it wasn’t easy.

But I want it to be easy for you. Please don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

Twelve years ago, I set out to launch what was to become Canada’s largest lifestyle website for millennials— (now Notable Life). But in the early days of building the brand, I came face-to-face with some of the scariest, loneliest, most anxious states of being I’d ever known. I was seriously struggling. I was seriously scared. I was seriously broke. And I had some seriously shitty habits. Looking back, I laugh at how lost I was.

I was barely sleeping, twice when going to withdraw a few dollars fromt he ATM I received an account balance with negative red writing. I was surviving on canned tuna, Kraft singles, and crackers. Fuelled by red bulls by day, and red bull vodka and “party favours” on too many nights.

The worst part about all of this was that I thought I wouldn’t be taken seriously in business and in life if I ever spoke about how I was feeling and what I was facing.

As tough as things were building a new business, my poor lifestyle choices were making things even harder. I was run-down, sleep-deprived, and hungover. Stress, anxiety, and depression became my new normal. And rather than listen to what my body and mind were trying to tell me, I tuned them out, fueling my body with more chemicals and trying to play it cool.



I dedicated myself to discovering what was fueling my anxiety and drastically changed my life for the better. I learned from yogis from India, rabbis and priests in Jerusalem, top medical doctors in New York City, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. 

But what began as a journey of self-discovery soon developed into what has now become an international bestselling book and my life’s mission: to help people learn how to own their anxiety.

It took years to discover and hone my Own Your Anxiety Method—the practical, natural strategies to live a healthy and happy life where you own your anxiety and make it your friggin’ superpower! 

I also discovered this astonishing truth: I actually like my anxiety. It became my teacher and my guide.

With the Own Your Anxiety Course, you too can learn to not just survive but thrive with anxiety.

Let’s open up our hearts, souls, and minds. We deserve to. Now is our time.


“Julian is a guide that you just want to spend time with. He’s been there, knows how to work through anxiety, and can help you work through it, too.”

Jessica Mulroney

Marketing expert, entrepreneur, and fashion contributor for Good Morning America and CityLine

“Julian has been a valued speaker at Wanderlust for several years. His clear message and ability to connect has had a profound impact on our attendees, and we’re excited (but not anxious, since he’s helped with that) to hear more from him.”

Sean Hoess

CEO and cofounder, Wanderlust Festival


Introducing the UPDATED Own Your Anxiety Course, a four-week interactive learning experience to teach you how to master your anxiety. In just one month, you’ll understand why anxiety is coming up in your life, what it’s trying to tell you, how to reduce it, and how to leverage it to actually make your life better. At the same time, you will learn life-changing tools to drastically improve your health, relationships, and career.

Course Curriculum


This week, we’ll talk about why it’s important to own your anxiety and you’ll learn a bit about me and my own personal journey with anxiety. You’ll also discover you’re not alone—you might be surprised at how many well-known celebrities and star athletes struggle with anxiety, just like you, and then learn to own it, just like you will. Then we’ll discuss one of the most crucial lessons I want you to learn: That your anxiety is your “Life Alarm.” It’s your job to uncover what it’s trying to tell you. And I’m going to help you do that.


In the second week of the course, we’ll explore the effect our bodies have on our anxiety and how we can get it under our control. Everything from sleep and scents, to hormones and nerves, to breath and movement, to nutrition and hydration play a role in our emotional well-being. You’ll learn what is happening to your physical body when you feel anxiety, and the steps you can take to mitigate those anxious feelings allowing you to harness the energy for good.


The lessons this week will revolve around mindfulness. I’m talking FOR REAL, not just that fluff you might have read about somewhere else. We’ll also be delving into self-talk (the negative kind we’re all so guilty of), rituals, routines and meditation.


In week four, our focus will be on the soul. We will get out of our heads and feed our spirits with gratitude and prayer. We will define our personal, unique values, and determine how to live those values day in and day out. We will realign our priorities and eliminate shame from our repertoire.





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two monthly payments of $275

As a member of the Own Your Anxiety Course you’ll get lifetime access to:

Four weeks of video lessons from anxiety-expert and international bestselling author Julian Brass, where he’ll take a deep dive into owning your body, mind, and soul and share his unique perspective on taking anxiety from a negative to a positive force in your life.

The Own Your Anxiety Course workbook, your exclusive guide through all of the exercises and homework in the videos.

Plus, these exclusive bonuses!

Exclusive Masterclass Series with Julian, including 4 Masterclasses on:

    • Nutrition and Foods to Thrive with Anxiety – Making your anxiety work for you has a lot more to do with what you put into your body than you may think. In fact your diet & nutrition could be making your anxiety a lot worse, or … a lot better. In this Masterclass you will learn the secrets to improving your diet and at the same time using what you put into that beautiful body of yours to determine what you get out of it.
    • Rapid Habit Breaking and Building – Did you know that your habits determine your life? Quite literally, your habits which include everything related to how you let yourself think, how you let others affect you, how you speak to yourself, what you let yourself put into your body, and so much more directly manifests from your inner world to your outer world. So learning how to break habits that don’t serve you and build habits that do is essential to enhancing your life. There is a very simple art to breaking and building habits, in this Masterclass you will learn it and most importantly you will learn how to use it.
    • Grow Your Network And Grow Your Wealth – Your network is your “net worth”. Like it or not, this is the reality that we live in. Will you work with this truth, or against it? Before Julian became a bestselling author and anxiety guru he was an award-winning entrepreneur in a fast-paced and cutthroat industry. The success of his business came down to his networking ability and connection-making. The same goes for his ability to put together all that was needed to launch his book Own Your Anxiety. As a first-time author Julian’s network was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and into the hands of the right people. In this Masterclass you’ll learn Julian’s top-secret method to authentically grow your network.
    • How to Use Your Anxiety to Get a Better Body – Everyone wants to look better and feel better, the hard part is finding the motivation needed to make it happen. But Julian has learned how to leverage anxiety to improve his body on the inside and outside, and in this Masterclass he will teach you how to do the same. Imagine getting an awesome body and feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic while you do. 

Ultimate Morning Routine Video

20 minute home yoga flow for anxiety and calm

3 Exclusive Meditations that you can play anytime you need them. 1 for before bed, 1 for grounding yourself fast, and 1 for releasing judgment of yourself and others 


Take the first step toward owning your anxiety once and for all.
Achieve balance and thrive.




one payment



two monthly payments of $275


“I am excited for this year and what is to come. I will be challenging myself in new ways. Since the 4 week course my views and ideas of myself & my anxiety have changed. I am on a different path and I am feeling sooooooo much better. “

Angelo D'Amico

Mississauga, Ontario

“Julian taught me that my anxiety is my personal superpower and my hidden secret to success. Own Your Anxiety has taught me how to channel and how to redirect all of the negative energy and anxiety and turn that into something positive. That there is the most powerful tool and the biggest reason of why I have become the best version of myself.”

Broden McMillen

Melbourne, Australia

“I wanted to just say thanks to Julian for sharing Own Your Anxiety and understanding how important it is to us and everyone out there. It’s brought me some awareness and ways to combat the feeling of anxiety when it comes up. So I just wanted to thank you very much, all the gratitude in the world.”

Jennifer McClarney

Nashville, Tennessee

“How do I truly describe what Julian did for me and for my life? I was at the absolute peak of my anxiety when I signed up for Julian’s OWN YOUR ANXIETY course. The welcoming feeling I got from him is indescribable. It was the first time in my year-long struggle where I didn’t feel judged but understood. He assured me that I can win back and start living it again. He gave me hope, belief, everything that I needed to hear to heal.”

Jennifer Goulart

Toronto, Canada


“Julian Brass is on a mission to make a true impact on the lives of people who want to live better, regardless of their anxiety, stress, or mental health challenges…. Julian’s message is truly universal and needed for so many people today. And he articulates this message in a way that anyone can understand. This is a rare skill set that, frankly, is just hard to find.”

Joe Mimran

Founder of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh

“Julian’s intimate understanding of entrepreneurship, nutrition, fitness, yoga, spirituality, and wellness is something that anyone can relate to regardless of where they’re at in their life.”

Greg O’Gallagher

President, Kinobody




one payment



two monthly payments of $275


My nontraditional life path has taken me from an award-winning entrepreneur to a healer, teacher, certified Health Coach and advanced yoga instructor. I’ve had the honor of sharing the unconventional philosophies I developed on my journey as a keynote speaker and creator of workshops, seminars, and classes for prestigious brands, companies and initiatives both in the US, Canada, and overseas for Wanderlust Festivals, lululemon, Equinox, Cheddar, Bombas, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Kit & Ace, Microsoft, Princess Margaret Hospital, Womens College Hospital, Schulich MBA, Rotman School of Business, University of Guelph, General Electric and more. My methods have been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, countless podcasts, magazines, and most importantly they have changed tens of thousands of lives around the world and I’m ready to help you grow, evolve, and thrive, too!


How will I access the course videos and workbook?

After you register, you’ll be granted a link to setup your own custom username and password to login to our online course platform (there’s also an app so you can consume content on the go!). All of the course content will be available right away, though I recommend you go through each module weekly in order to really work through the content. 

What if I can’t keep up with the assignments?

Totally fine. You have lifetime access to the content! You can work through the course at your own pace. 

How is the OYA Course different from the free challenge you ran?

Think of the challenge as a quick preview into the content you’ll get from the course. I delve much deeper into the mechanisms that are fueling your anxiety and the processes to begin owning your anxiety once and for all.

What if I join and decide the OYA Course isn’t right for me?

I offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Simply email us at with your request and the reason why the course wasn’t right for you within 7 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your investment.

What if I’m still not sure?

Please reach out to and let us know your concerns. We’d love to help!

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