camp soul retreat

Retreat with me at Camp Soul (September 28-30)

At the Hollows Camp in Bradford, Ontario 45 minutes from Toronto

When we get away from our current reality we create the space to recreate a new one. To create a reality that is closer to the one that deep, deep down we yearn for. Until we intentionally retreat from our everyday, though, we find ourselves stuck in the middle of a reality that we do not truly want and a reality that we desperately, deserve, and do want to make ours.

I know all about this from personal experience.

I have lived through many periods of what I call the “Reality Polarity” throughout my life.

I’ve lived through it with my health and lifestyle habits, I’ve lived through it with some of my relationships, and maybe what was the absolute hardest for me; I lived through this when I awakened to the reality that the business I gave the absolute most of my mind, body, and soul to, I no longer wanted to own.

To see clearly, it took me getting away from the reality that I had created in order to see the reality that I wanted to create.

And that is why I am leading this retreat for you.

What my dear friend, colleague and soul sister Catie Fenn and I have created for you at Camp Soul will provide the space to immerse yourself in nature, in transformational workshops, in grounding yoga practices, in beautiful bonfires under the stars in the sky, in hilarious moments, in healthy food, and in sacred community and connection. All of this without having to travel across the world for a long time and for a lot of money.

If this speaks to you then I would love to have you join us on this reality-changing and uplifting weekend retreat. By the end of this weekend you will call strangers, community and your soul will be so full of self-love, self-admiration, and healing. Even more than that, you’re going to have learned my actionable Own Your Anxiety method to a tee – something you’ll literally take from theory into your reality before you even head back to your beautiful home. This will be my first retreat after the international launch of my new book Own Your Anxiety. I couldn’t be more excited to share this once-in-a-lifetime moment with you!!!

Here are the details of our retreat, Camp Soul:

Camp Soul will take place on 87 acres of rolling meadow and lush forest sitting on a private lake at the beautiful and majestic Camp Hollows in Bradford Ontario (approx. 1 hour north of Toronto). By day there will be intentionally created and lead yoga practices, meditation sessions, workshops and circles; in addition to fun camp activities on land and water as well as beautiful, bonding campfire gatherings under the stars.

More specific deets to get grateful about:

  • September 28-30 (Friday late afternoon-Sunday mid-afternoon)
  • Two nights accommodation at Camp Hollows, sleeping in rustic country cabins
  • All local, nutrient-dense meals and snacks to help nourish yourself from the inside out
  • Two yoga classes and meditation per day
  • Transformational coaching circles
  • Camp activities for afternoon fun and exploration
  • Three workshops designed to Own Your Anxiety, activate personal growth, inspiration, inner peace and fulfilment
  • Workbook and written materials to gain clarity, focus, and cultivate deeper self-love
  • Nightly intention setting and cleansing ceremonies and celebrations
  • Time to explore, create, and reconnect on Camp Hollows’ massive nature campus, including hiking and running trails, lakes, and forest
  • Community and connection
  • JOY!!!!!!

Your Personal Development Investment (all prices in Canadian, HST of 13% tax will be added):

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